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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All i want is Red Juice!

Cabbage juice is good for: Duodenal ulcers, cleansing, constipation.

Cabbage juice with carrots it's a wonderful source of vitamin C.

Beet juice helps to tone up the blood generally (good for women).

Today one of my favorite Juice it was:

500gr Red cabbage
1 beet root
500gr carrots
1 apple

And then Juice them up... Ok you may change the quantities, what you want is to be at the end 500ml. The important is... that is your own handmade juice...

It was perfect this morning. Even it was a rainy day.  After doing my Kettlebell work, i have this Redish juice. I feel it my blood, my insight is so happy!! 

So do not think of it...

Start Juicing... And be Juicy In & Out!!

The juicy Girl,

P.S: Me i did never have any sign of gas, i already have 2 years of drinking this juice. But, you may have excessive gas from cabbage juice after drinking it. Don't worry is the result of waste putrefactive matter present in the intestines. In a few days they will gone. But if you have many gas from cabbage, it's good to start first with carrot juice or carrot and spinach juice daily for 2 to 3 weeks. Then you will see the difference. 
From Dr. N. Walker

Just PERFECT!!!!!!!!!