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Monday, January 10, 2011


Let's start from a good point...

I think that you don't need to relate your health to your age! Long life can go hand -in- hand. Today all the medical researchers and nutritionists research more than ever. Dr. Walker was the first man (we don't know if before dr. Walker, there where others with juice) that discover the healing power of juices. He lived till 112 years and he believed that through proper diet, mental soudness, and intelligent body care, we can live longer. It's in our hands to free our selves from diseases and live a longer and healthier life. It doesn't matter how old you are or look. It matter's how you really feel in your mind, in your fealings, in your heart. Love yourself, take care of him, don't let the "problems" of your life to be the reason of not going on to other areas. Excuses, are easy to find and say that maybe my problem is my work, my family, the governement, the people around me. Come on stop  it! Get out and catch the life with your way, your ideas, you can, with your own hands...

This is Ageless!!!

Start Juicing... And be juicy in & out!!

The Juicy Girl,