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Monday, June 13, 2011

Vegan Cyprus Party

We were in Cyprus for about 1 week. Such a wonderful island...
There we met many vegans, vegetarians etc... So our friend Diana had her birthday and we made some plates for her: 

One of the plates was a mostly raw vegan salad, but not tottaly raw. It was lola lettuce + peas + red bell peppers + cilantro + parsley + purslane + avocado + lemon juice + olive oil + dill

The other plate was: boiled beet roots (grated). With coconut oil + lemon juice

And the last one: strawberries (whole) + and we through on them: bananas + dates + carob powder (blended) 

Just delicious!!!

Dionysia Healthy missioner...

P.S.: If you ever need us in your party. Don't hesitate to call us and make nice things for you